shorty doowop.

jbridgeh2o said: •Name: Jordan Charles Thomas Bridgewater
•Nickname: Bridge
•Gender and Orientation? Male, Straight.
•Age: 18
•Birthday: March 10, 1993
•Where You Live?: Waco, Texas
•Nationality: African American
•Favorite Food: My Granny's Fried Chicken. Yeah, I said it. CHICKEN!
•Favorite Music: All kinds. Rock and all.
•Favorite Movie: Space Jam, as you can see.
•Hobbies: Singing, Basketball, and studying Photography.
•A Pet Peeve: I HATE repeating myself.
•Weird Fact: I sleep on the wrong end of the bed.
•A Question For Me: Shid, idk?

dude, you’re old. j/k. :D 


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